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We are women's ebike collective that connects, informs, & supports women ebikers.

Live to ride another day!

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My ebike Journey

My name is Tracy and I have been mountain biking for over 20 years and providing group rides for over 15 years. Needless to say I love bikes and biking and want to share my ebike journey with you. 

I initially got into purchasing an ebike 2 years ago to commute to work. There was a few hills both to and from work and I didn't want the ride to be a chore. I rode that bike for 3 months and it started to fall apart. So I upgraded to a Giant Fathom and discovered that I could ride up technical trails where I always had a hard time with obstacles with both fitness and strength.

As I conquered these trails I found my lower back getting quite beat up as I had no rear suspension, so upgraded to a Giant Stance and started exploring even more trails.

I love biking so much that I was looking for a fat bike to ride in the winter and was able to find the Norco Bigfoot VLT2. Now I can enjoy biking all year round. I would like you to join the collective and find your joy, confidence and freedom just as I have with my ebikes. 

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